CVC celebrated the Women and Girls in Science Day with several internal and external activities

The Computer Vision Center (CVC) stepped up to celebrate the “Women and Girls in Science Day” on February 11, initiated by UNESCO as a distinguished day for the international science community since 2015. This day is dedicated towards recognizing the contributions of women scientists in the scientific and technological revolution.     Several fun and intellectual activities were … Read more

El discurs racista a Twitter durant la pandèmia s’invisibilitza i es camufla d’informació objectiva

Els nostres investigadors Jordi Gonzalez Sabaté i Diego Velazquez han col·laborat amb Fundació Autònoma Solidària (FAS) i NOVACT a l’estudi “Racisme Digital i Covid-19. Discursos racistes i antiracistes a Twitter durant la pandèmia” amb el suport de Cooperació Catalana Generalitat de Catalunya.  Gràcies al suport de l’Agència Catalana de Cooperació al Desenvolupament (ACCD), el CVC-UAB, … Read more

Computer Vision meets archaeology to detect near 10k Archaeological Tumuli in Galicia

Researchers From The Computer Vision Center And The Landscape Archaeology Research Group (GIAP) Of The Catalan Institute Of Classical Archaeology (ICAC) Have Developed A Hybrid Algorithm That Combines Deep Learning And Machine Learning To Improve The Automatic Detection Of Archaeological Tumuli Avoiding The Inclusion Of Most False Positives. Archaeological tumuli are one of the most common types of archaeological … Read more

CCSC 2021

The 8th edition of the Congress on Social Communication of Science (CCSC 2021) will be held at CosmoCaixa Barcelona from September 29 to October 1. This congress brings together professionals in the field of dissemination and social communication of science and has become the largest space in Spanish for debate and updating of scientific communication work developed by … Read more