New system powered by deep learning makes it possible to detect Covid-19 lesions by analysing CT chest scans

Researchers From The Eurecat Technology Centre, The CVC And The University Of Barcelona Have Developed An Automated System That Taps Into Deep Learning Technology To Detect Lesions Caused By Covid-19 By Reading Computed Tomography (CT) Chest Images. The study, conducted by researchers Giuseppe Pezzano, Vicent Ribas, Petia Radeva and Oliver Díaz, was recently published in the … Read more

The Computer Vision Center, Eurecat and Universitat de Barcelona, together in the fight against COVID-19

Currently, with the PCR and antigen test, clinicians have really good tools for diagnosing the COVID-19 disease when the SARS-CoV-2 virus is active within the patient organism. However, these tests have two drawbacks: first, when patients suffer pulmonary infection, these tests do not provide precise information regarding its extension, and second, once the virus is … Read more

Radiolung wins the Innovation Award from the Lung Ambition Alliance for lung cancer early detection

Radiolung is aimed to develop an artificial intelligence system based on radiomic information to improve the malignancy detection of lung nodules. The research team is compound by members of the CVC research group Interactive Augmented Modeling for Biomedicine, led by Dr. Dèbora Gil, and various departments of the Hospital and Research Institute Germans Trias i … Read more