Equality, diversity and inclusion

The Computer Vision Center (CVC) is firmly committed to equality, diversity and inclusion. CVC's vision stands on equal opportunities and non-discrimination for everybody independently of their gender, ethnicity, religion, age, sexual orientation, functional diversity, social class, marital status or nationality. These principles are rooted in CVC's core values and culture, they guide all activities developed in our research center.

We continuously work on creating an inclusive organization where everyone can feel safe and comfortable. In alignment with this, CVC counts on an Equality Plan (2021-2025) that serves as a roadmap for our actions, the Equality Committee that ensures the success of equal opportunities and non-discrimination principles and a protocol for dealing with, preventing and eradicating workplace harassment.

In addition, CVC was awarded in 2013 with the HRS4R, "HR Excellence in Research" seal, guaranteeing once again our commitment as an equal opportunity employer.


CVC's Equality Committee



  • Laura Martín Montañez (Communications & Marketing)
  • Coen Antens (Technological Innovation Unit)
  • Aura Hernández (Researcher)
  • Marta Vallejo (General Manager)
  • Claire Pérez (Research Projects Office)
  • Oriol Ramos (Researcher)
  • Eva Caballero (HHRR)
  • Fátima Itzel López (Technology Transfer)
  • Asma Bensalah (PhD student)

The CVC's Equality Committee, established on 12 November 2021, aims to guarantee the implementation of positive measures detailed in the Equality Plan and ensures the success of equal opportunities and non-discrimination principles. The Committee tasks are:

  • Follow-up the actions to be carried out and described in CVC's Equality Plan
  • Create work studies, reports and/or proposals to enforce the principle of equal opportunities
  • Propose the modification of the plan, if necessary, to adapt it to the new circumstances of the center
  • Collect and channel the initiatives and suggestions proposed by the staff concerning equal opportunities

CVC's Equality Plan

The main goal of CVC's Equality plan is to guarantee comprehensive gender and equal opportunities for everyone. This goal is extended to include the promotion of non-discrimination based on ethnicity, religion, age, sexual orientation, functional diversity, social class, marital status or nationality.

Furthermore, the plan intends to create a productive, inspiring and motivating workplace with measures tailored to CVC's employees, thus balancing their professional and personal lives.

This Equality Plan takes into account and adapts the recommendations and guidelines from the European Commission, "Horizon Europe Guidance on Gender Equality Plans" guide.

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Equality news

2024 International Women’s Day celebration at CVC

March 13, 2024

At CVC, we stand firm in our commitment to promoting equality, not only on significant dates such as February 11th (International Day of Women and Girls in Science) and March 8th (International Women’s Day) but every single day. Our initiatives are handled through an intersectional lens, ensuring inclusivity and diversity in all we do. 💜 … Read more

Celebrating the Year of the Dragon: A look back at CVC’s Chinese New Year Festivities

February 15, 2024

At CVC, the start of the Lunar New Year was marked not just by anticipation but also by vibrant celebration. On February 9, our research center came alive with the spirit of the Chinese New Year, embracing the rich cultural traditions that this festival brings. It was a day filled with joy, harmony and cultural … Read more

#CVCWomenInScience poster collection

March 10, 2023

We’re launching the #CVCWomeninScience posters campaign aimed to spread awareness, showcase the incredible work of our female researchers and inspire the next generation of female scientists. Our CVC Women in Science posters were created using generative models (Stable Diffusion and Style Transfer) and we got inspired by the Nevertheless podcast STEM Role Models Posters collection. … Read more

#100tífiques: promoting science and technology among young people and enhancing female role models

February 24, 2023

Several female scientists from the Computer Vision Center (CVC) participated in the #100tífiques programme, an initiative promoted by the Catalan Foundation for Research and Innovation (FCRI) and the Barcelona Institute for Science and Technology (BIST) in collaboration with the Education Department of the Generalitat of Catalonia.  The #100tífiques programme aims to raise awareness of the … Read more

February 11 is the “International Day of Women and Girls in Science” and also Grandmas in Science Day!

February 21, 2023

In collaboration with the Red Cross Cerdanyola-Ripollet-Montcada, our research center organized an activity for female senior citizens to celebrate the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, February 11. Twelve grandmas visited CVC and participated in a workshop aimed to encourage and empower them to get involved in science and enhance their natural curiosity … Read more

Wikimarathon – International Day of Women & Girls in Science

February 13, 2023

On the occasion of the International International Day of Women and Girls in Science (February 11), CVC is participating in a Wikimarathon coordinated by the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park (PRBB) together with ViquidonesUPF & Amical Wikimedia. We would like to invite you all to participate in this Wikimarathon. 🗓 February 13⏲ from 4:30 to 7:30 … Read more

CVC and the Red Cross celebrate Women in Science

February 13, 2023

International Day of Women and Girls in Science & also grandmas! CVC collaborates with Red Cross Cerdanyola-Ripollet-Montcada to bring senior women closer to science on the occasion of the International International Day of Women and Girls in Science. The event will take place on February 13. They will visit our facilities and experience AI and Computer Vision by … Read more

International Day of Women and Girls in Science

February 13, 2023

To promote full and equal access to and participation in science for women and to stimulate scientific vocations in girls, the United Nations General Assembly declared February 11th as the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. Long-standing biases and gender stereotypes are steering girls and women away from engineering and technology-related fields, and, … Read more

CVC has successfully renewed the accreditation “Excellence in HR” of the European Commission

December 13, 2022

CVC has successfully fulfilled the HRS4R accreditation renewal process. The “Excellence in Human Resources” seal is an accreditation awarded by the European Commission to institutions and research centres that excel in implementing good human resources practices.  The Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R) supports institutions and research centers in implementing the European Charter & Code … Read more

CVC facilitates a sustainable menstruation toilet

December 12, 2022

The Computer Vision Center (CVC) is firmly committed to equality, diversity and inclusion. CVC’s vision on gender stands on equal treatment for everybody independently of their gender identity, sexual orientation or gender expression. We work to create an inclusive space where everyone can feel safe and comfortable.     Being aware of the negative impact of non-reusable menstruation options for the … Read more



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