About Internships


To promote science and innovation and encourage research in highly talented young students, the Computer Vision Center hosts the Computer Vision Center Internship Program. It is addressed to students, ideally during the last year of their undergraduate studies. The CVC offers these students a research environment that will constitute their first exposure to a research challenge. Undergraduate students worldwide with excellent academic records are invited to apply for an internship at the CVC. The interns will be guided by CVC researchers and will work on a research project designed to acquire skills in the latest trends in computer vision. Complimentary mentoring activities will be provided to allow students to broaden their education and research training.

The interns will learn about the research culture in an international and diverse environment with more than 100 researchers from more than 20 different countries. They will be trained in the current state-of-the-art methodologies related to computer vision and will be provided with high-performance computing facilities. The students will participate in regular complementary activities (reading groups, seminars, etc.). 

Due to the industrial ties of the CVC, interns will also learn about technology transfer and innovation. Interns will assist with ongoing projects of the corresponding research line and the centre’s outreach initiatives. 

The CVC will explore, provided the proper availability of resources, a continuation track in the CVC-Computer Vision  Master’s Degree Program, or as a research engineer in the  Knowledge and Technology Transfer activities. The internship will allow the intern to make new connections that might provide professional references for their future career.