Color in Context


The CVC colour group focuses its research on areas related to computational colour within computer vision. Our long-term objective is to create computer algorithms that simulate human perception and categorisation of colour. We study colour as a visual cue in its context to achieve this aim.

Our primary research interests are:

  • Colour constancy: where we work on building algorithms to estimate scene illuminant from the image content.
  • Colour-Texture perception: we work on computational models that simulate the chromatic induction of the human visual system.
  • Colour sharpening to get enhanced versions of colour images.
  • Colour Naming: to simulate the task of assigning a colour name or category to a specific image segment.
  • Texture Description: where we work on blob detection, as the basis for a high level and non-numeric description of textures.
  • Colour & Texture grouping: to define mechanisms for segmenting images according to the chromatic and spatial relationships of the image elements.