Interactive and Augmented Modelling


Interactive and Augmented Modelling (IAM) is a research project field focused on developing mathematical tools and interactive and augmented reality visualization environments for biomedical image processing.

IAM is comprised of a multidisciplinary team (including mathematicians and computer science engineers) specialized in the treatment and analysis of biomedical images. This team uses graphics techniques and mathematical models for the visualization and modelling of anatomic and biological structures for a better clinical diagnosis.

This research line is mainly applied in two scenarios:

  • Intelligent Radiomics. This line of research focuses on developing new architectures of neural networks allowing the integration of multi-modal data including images and other sensors, genomics, metabolomics and clinical data for personalized diagnostic systems and treatment planning. The specific applications are 1) Hybrid bronchoscopy guidance systems that combine image and inertial sensors and 2) the modelling of radiogenomic patterns for multi-diagnostic systems (clinical, histological and genomic level) and personalized cancer treatments.
  • Assessment of Cognitive State. This line of research focuses on the use of specific deep architectures that allow the most optimal treatment of dynamically recorded time data with wearable sensors, EEG and video to predict a person's workload and determine if they need help and what is the best time to provide it. Specific applications are support systems adapted to the cognitive needs of each person by 1) intelligent transportation systems (e.g. single-pilot operations) and 2) support for people with mild cognitive disabilities associated with age disorders.