Opportunities for Undergraduate Students at CVC

The CVC aims to provide highly motivated undergraduate students the opportunity to conduct research at our center. The objective is to offer university students in the final years of their studies to get experience in an international research center while improving their skills.

Undergraduate students can collaborate with the CVC in several ways:

    • Bachelor’s Degree final projects (TFGs)
    • Internships

If you are an undergraduate student and you would like to collaborate with the CVC you can contact us at press@cvc.uab.cat

UAB Bachelor's Degree in Artificial Intelligence

The UAB academic programme in Artificial Intelligence offers you comprehensive training in AI that will allow you to design intelligent systems that respond to the challenges of society. It will provide you with the cognitive, mathematical, and algorithmic foundations of the automatic reasoning and learning processes needed to develop applications in all areas of AI, such as natural language, computer vision, data analysis, robotics, or self-employed agents. It will also allow you to know the opportunities for the application of AI in the different economic and social sectors, as well as analyze and evaluate the ethical, legal or social impact of its implementation.

Different faculties of the UAB participate in teaching, making this interdisciplinary programme one that allows rigorously addressing the different challenges of AI applications. It also has the active involvement of two reference centers in AI: the Computer Vision Centre (CVC) and the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (IIIA-CSIC).

Throughout your studies we will accompany you by working on a learning methodology based on practice (learning by doing), using projects based on real cases, with the active collaboration of companies from the sector.