Month: April 2016


The MEMEnginy16 ‘ is an annual event at the engineering school at UAB. This year will be held on Thursday April 28th. Among the many activities organized for this day, the CVC will be showing a demo of a software tool that allows to plan

The autonomous car is closer than ever

The autonomous car is closer than ever and  the CVC actively work for its development. News as the one you can find attached recognize our work in the field, specially the work developed by ADAS group . SiliconOnline

The CVC participated in the first edition of the Techparty

The CVC participated in the first edition of the Techparty organized by the UAB, this was a meeting for students and professionals of the gaming world, interested in new technologies, social networks and innovation, where students could discover the newest


  The Computer Vision Center (CVC) is a public research center established in 1995 by the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and the Generalitat de Catalunya (CERCA network centers). The CVC is an established center with a staff of over 100

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Care Respite amb CaixaImpulse

Care Respite is a comprehensive technological solution aimed at caregivers that allows automatic monitoring of dependents. . It uses computer vision technology that interprets the events that take place and sends alerts to caregivers in order to report certain activities

Tech party UAB

From 15th to 18th April the UAB celebrates its first live event exclusive on the gaming industry and social networks. The Computer Vision center will be there showing a project developed by the Interactive Augmented Modelling group in collaboration with the the

Visual Tagging Services awarded with 50.000€ by the European Union

Visual Tagging Services, the spin-off of the CVC and UAB created in 2012 and centred on visual-based branding monitoring in social networks, has been awarded with an SME Instrument Phase 1 via the project MINDPICS. The SME instrument is a

IAM group has won a computer vision crowdsourcing challenge

The Interactive and Augmented Modelling Group (IAM) of the Computer Vision Center has won a crowdsourcing challenge organized by Pallas Ludens. It is a young startup that tightly integrates crowdsourcing with computer vision. They selected the three most interesting proposals by end

Best Poster at GPU Technology Conference

The poster “GPU-based Pedestrian Detection for Autonomous Driving” on the detector pedestrian based on vision has been awarded as the best poster GTC (GPU Technology Conference) 2016. The student Victor Campmany, with the help of the rest of the ADAS

Barcelona decrypts its first ‘social network’ dating back to the fifteenth century

The national newspaper “La Vanguardia” published the 6 of April an article about the research developed between the Computer Vision Center and the Centre d’Estudis Demogràfics. The project creates a software that reads ancient documents and reconstructs the marriage register of the