Successful collaborative CVC project in the press

Successful collaborative CVC project in the press

Today, April 9th 2014, El Mundo has published “Convertir las 8 horas de película de la endoscopia sin cable en un 'corto'”.

The report is focused on the collaboration between the Computer Vision Centre, Vall d’Hebron Hospital and Given Imaging to create software able to select the important frames of the 8 hour of video images recorded by an endoscopic pill.

The new product will make so much easier for the physicians to have fast and reliable information thus improving the diagnosis of intestinal mobility pathologies.

This project is a clear example of a successful collaborative work between a private company and public institutions. After 7 years of collaboration the software based on computer vision algorithms if finally developed and will be on the market in a short time.

To read the full article, check this link.