Conclusion of the Project ZinkCAT

Conclusion of the Project ZinkCAT

The research project ZinkCAT, funded by FEDER and ACCIO, through the Community RIS3CAT Media, and with the CVC participation, finishes today.

During the last two years, ZinkCAT was focused on developing a new technology aimed to designers and marketing agencies in order to allow them to get more connected designs in order to improve the online user experience.

Its results were validated by five different Focus Groups using co-creation techniques. These Focus Groups were formed by:

  1. Copywriter and communication and marketing profiles
  2. Technicians
  3. Marketing and e-commerce profiles
  4. STEM students
  5. CVC workers (excluded researchers)

Three main conclusions were reached

  1. The methodology used during the co-creations provided the guidelines to implement the User eXperience from the beginning and minimized the iterations during the design
  2. In the interviews with the Focus Groups, the entry points of technological innovation in the market were identified.
  3. It is required to implement the User eXperience using an end to end approach

ZINKCAT was coordinated by Creactivitat DT and its consortium is formed by Barcelona centre de Disseny, Eurecat, Konodrac, connocian and the CVC.

This project has been co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER).