TECNIO Research Association is born to promote technology transfer in Catalonia

TECNIO Research Association is born to promote technology transfer in Catalonia

This new association brings together 59 research groups, including CVC, which aims to foster technology transfer between research institutions, universities, and industry to strengthen Catalan companies’ competitiveness.

Last November, 8th, TECNIO Association was presented at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, UAB. Key agents participated in the ceremony; the Minister of Research and Universities, Gemma Geis; the General Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Lluís Juncà; the Minister of Business and Employment, Roger Torrent i Ramió;  the General Director of Industry and delegate councilor of ACCIÓ, Natàlia Mas; the UAB rector, Javier Lafuente; and the TECNIO Association president, Nora Ventosa.

TECNIO Association is created to boost technology transfer in Catalonia and is composed of 59 research groups that investigate various topics such as Computer Vision, where CVC outstands, and are located at Catalan universities and research centers ( I-CERCA Foundation and CSIC).

All 59 research groups currently have the TECNIO accreditation granted by ACCIÓ. This accreditation identifies technology developers in Catalonia to facilitate the connection with companies. CVC proudly obtained it on 2010 and renewed last year.

TECNIO accreditation was born in 1999 and is renewed periodically. This accreditation identifies the most qualified research groups with experience in business projects, thus companies can access them more easily and, so forth, promote technology transfer to Catalonia. Between 2016 and 2019, accredited centers obtained 300 million euros in total revenue and 90 million euros in R&D&I contracts with companies. Meanwhile, their applied research ensued in 61 patents transferred to companies and, 17 spin-offs created.

The objective of this new TECNIO Association is to bring together and spotlight the activity of the TECNIO accredited research groups, foster collaboration, and promote them as an instrument of connection with the business sector and the administration. CVC is honored to be part of this network.