First CVC Internal Hackathon

First CVC Internal Hackathon

We are happy to share that our internal CVC Hackathon that took place on February 6 and 7 was a success!

Over two busy days, our #CVCPeople made five strong teams, working hard on new ideas and projects.

The projects presented were: Chess sheet OCR, Speech recognition through lips detection, Wacom tablet & Sketches, & Dress GPT. Each project showed the team's hard work to do new and better things.

It was a tough decision, but the lips detection team got the biggest prize. They were almost tied with two other groups, making the decision challenging. This showcased the exceptional quality all teams brought to the table.

Thanks to each participant for their dedication and hard work. Your inventive approaches have greatly contributed to the hackathon's triumph, showcasing the amazing CVC talent that propels us forward.

We would also like to acknowledge to all who contributed to the success of the CVC Hackathon, from organizers to participants and supporters. Your passion and dedication have not only led to a successful event but also laid the groundwork for ongoing innovation and future editions of our CVC Hackathon.

Keep an eye for further developments on these projects. One of the prizes for the winners was showcasing their demo in Mobile World Congress 2024 (MWC'24) therefore you will hear very soon from this innovative initiative again. Here's to more success and new ideas!💪💻🤖👩‍💻💡