CVCRD 2022

Workshop on Computer Vision Trends and Challenges 2022

On July 22nd, we celebrated CVC's 17th Workshop on Computer Vision Trends and Challenges (CVCR&D2022), our annual half-day workshop in which PhD students at CVC present the state-of-the-art of their research, as well as their future lines of work. This year’s Organising Committee has been formed by Dr Fei Yang and Dr Kai Wang, together with the CVC’s communications department.

The workshop comprised three different oral sessions with 5-minute presentations dedicated to several Computer Vision areas: (1) Document and Image Understanding, (2) Continual Learning, Transfer Learning and Generative model and (3) Scene Understanding, Super-resolution and explainable network, and a fourth session to present the TDA project (autonomous driving in rural areas) and to introduce this year’s interns and visitors. In addition, an informal poster session was celebrated during coffee breaks.

Click here to view the CVCR&D 2022 program

Click here to view the CVCR&D 2022 book of abstracts

This Conference is the most relevant internal event at CVC and an excellent chance for PhD students to share their work with the CVC community, allowing them to receive valuable feedback and find possible collaborations between groups.

After the event, we celebrated our annual Summer Party, where all the CVC team gathered to have lunch and enjoy several group activities, such as a concert performed by our CVC artists.