Celebrating the Year of the Dragon: A look back at CVC’s Chinese New Year Festivities

CVC Celebrates the Chinese New Year: Getting together for Dumplings, Crafts, and Riddles

At CVC, the start of the Lunar New Year was marked not just by anticipation but also by vibrant celebration. On February 9, our research center came alive with the spirit of the Chinese New Year, embracing the rich cultural traditions that this festival brings. It was a day filled with joy, harmony and cultural exchanges as we welcomed the Year of the Dragon.

The festivities kicked off at 11 am and wrapped up around 1 pm, transforming our workspace into a hub of cultural exploration and fun with hands-on traditional activities. We had an amazing time making dumplings that symbolize prosperity and unity, creating cultural crafts that allowed everyone to delve deeper into the Chinese heritage, and solving the traditional game of lantern riddles that added an element of intellectual challenge to the celebrations. These activities helped us learn more about Chinese traditions and enjoy the festive spirit together.

CVC's Chinese New Year celebration was a chance for everyone at CVC to take a break, have fun, and start the New Year fresh. This gathering not only entertained but also enriched our understanding of Chinese culture. We are thankful for everyone who joined and made this day possible and special.

We hope this New Year brings lots of happiness, health, and good luck to you and your families. Happy Chinese New Year!