Primary students visit CVC within UAB’s CROMA initiative

CVC was visited today by Primary students within UAB’s CROMA program. This initiative, launched by the Solidarity Foundation of the University (Fundació Autònoma Solidària), gathers primary students from different schools and takes them to explore the University and the research centres that live within it. The idea is to bring children from different environments close to the University and give them an opportunity to learn what is happening behind its walls.

At the Computer Vision Center, the students have learnt some theory about Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence, have been able to see different demos and have had the opportunity of creating their own pattern sequence. The aim of the visit was for them to comprehend how image detection works, and how pattern recognition helps computers predict future movements.

More information on the global event here (in catalan).

CVC Open Days

This Friday we had Open Days at the CVC for Engineering UAB students. Not only did researchers explain what Computer Vision is, but also presented the different projects the center works with. They also had a chance to try some of our demos. All the pictures here.

Library Living Lab at Sant Cugat’s Giant Book party

The Technology of the Library Living Lab was present at the festivity of Sant Cugat’s Giant Book last Sunday.

This festivity unites illustrators and children in an event in which the younger ones invent a short story and the illustrators give life the story with an image. The compilation of all the ilustrated stories then gets binded into a book which is set up for public consulting. This year, the festivity was a little different, and with CVC and the Library Living Lab’s technology, the illustrations were scanned and uploaded to an open account in Instagram and Twitter in order to give the collection an extra value.

The event was a success and more than 130 stories where created and digitised. The picture album can be found at Instagram here:

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The EINES Project at #Investiga amb Recercaixa 2017

More than eighteen schools have participated at this year’s edition of #Investiga amb Recercaixa 2017 (Research with Recercaixa) in which different classes from the latest courses of Primary School have developed their own research project following the research carried out by previous Recercaixa projects. The EINES project was one of the selected projects and has been working with three schools from Barcelona’s sorrounding areas. The classes have looked into the town’s past in order to solve a certain problematic, such as the influence of the industry in a specific town or how the opening of a factory increased the population of another urban center, not only applying demographics, but also computer vision technology developed by CVC. The two researchers of the project that have worked hand by hand with the schools have been Dr. Josep Llados (CVC director) and Dr. Joana Maria Pujades, from the Demographics Center of Barcelona, both UAB professors.

See the picture album here:

HealthIO 2017

CVC went to this year’s edition HealthIO at Fira de Barcelona where the latest trends in IOT within the Health sector were present, a sector in which CVC has various technological developments, such as the Lung GPS, within others.