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One Giant Leap For Autonomous Cars

CVC’s Research group ADAS developed a virtual simulation to accelerate and cheapen machine learning process in autonomous cars. ADAS recently developed a video game-like computer simulation called SYNTHIA that aims to accelerate and improve the way artificial intelligences learn to understand

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Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision Cares for Dependents

Researchers from the Computer Vision Centre (CVC) of  UAB, UB and the UOC work in a respite care project to detect potential risks for dependent people and alert the caregiver in case of an emergency via a connected mobile app.

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CVC and the UAB have digitalized player piano rolls from the National Library

The National Library of Spain (BNE) has digitalized more than 1600 player piano rolls and transferred them to the Hispanic Digital Library (BDH) in collaboration with Telefónica, the Department of Art and Musicology of the UAB and the CVC. Thanks

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