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6 CVC papers accepted at this year’s ECCV


6 CVc papers have been accepted at this year’s European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV) that will take place in Munich from the 8 to the 14th of September. Most of the papers aren’t accessible yet, and we will be publishing them as they become public.

For now, we only have two available paper and several temptative titles:

Folded Recurrent Neural Networks for Future Video Prediction

Deep Structure Inference Network for Facial Action Unit Recognition

Single Shot Scene Text Retrieval

Transferring GANs: generating images from limited data

Attend and Rectify: a Gated Attention Mechanism for Fine-Grained Recovery

On Offline Evaluation of Vision-based Driving Models

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CVC presented two papers and a keynote speech at the 2018 Intelligent Vehicle Symposium


CVC members Dr. Antonio M. López and Zhijie Fang presented various papers at this year’s Intelligent vehicle systems 2018 Conference, that took place in Chang Shu from the 26th to 29th of June. Furthermore, Dr. Antonio M. López gave a keynote lecture at the Simulation and Navigation for Intelligent Vehicles session titled ‘Videogame technology meets self-driving’.


Monocular Depth Estimation by Learning from Heterogeneous Datasets“, Akhil Gurram, Onay Urfalioglu, Ibrahim Halfaoui, Fahd Bouzaraa, Antonio M. Lopez

“Is the Pedestrian going to Cross? Answering by 2D Pose Estimation”, Zhijie Fang and Antonio M. Lopez.

Pictures from the event: 

Zhijie Fang with his poster










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Teaching autonomous cars to drive


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5 CVC papers accepted at ICPR


This year, CVC’s presence at the International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR) will count with a total of 5 accepted papers featuring 14 CVC researchers: Gemma Rotger, Xialei Liu, Lu Yu, Marc Masana, Pau Riba, Sounak Dey, Suman Gosh, Dr. Anjan Dutta, Dr. Joost Van de Weijer, Dr. Luis Herranz, Dr. Antonio López, Dr. Josep Lladós, Dr. Alicia Fornés, Dr. Ernest Valveny & Dr. Felipe Lumbreras. Congratulations!

The Conference will take place at Beijing, China, from the 20th to the 24th of August. Papers have already been posted at Arxiv, which are the following:

Rotate your Networks: Better Weight Consolidation and Less Catastrophic Forgetting

Learning Graph Distances with Message Passing Neural Networks

Learning Cross-Modal Deep Embeddings for Multi-Object Image Retrieval using Text and Sketch

2D-to-3D Facial Expression Transfer

Weakly Supervised Domain-Specific Color Naming Based on Attention




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CVC Researchers at this year’s DAS 2018 Conference in Vienna

CVC presented a total of three papers and one demo at this year’s Document Analysis Conference that took take place in Vienna the 24th and 25th of April.  Find the papers here:

D. Karatzas, L. Gómez, M. Rossinyol, (2018): The Robust Reading Competition Annotation and Evaluation Platform

M. Carbonell, M. Villegas, A. Fornes, J. LLados (2018): Joint Recognition of Handwritten Text and Named Entities with a Neural End-to-end Model

L. Gómez, M. Rossinyol, D. Karatzas (2018): Cutting Sayre’s Knot: Reading Scene Text without Segmentation. Application to Utility Meters


Our Associate Director, Dr. Dimosthenis Karatzas, explains his paper in this video:

Our PhD student Manuel Carbonell explains his paper in this video:

Dr. Lluis Gómez explains his paper in the following clip:

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5 CVC papers presented at CVPR 2018

This year, CVC’s presence at CVPR has had a total of 5 papers presented featuring 8 CVC researchers: Xialei Liu, Yaxing Wang, Aitor Alvarez Gila, Dr. Abel González, Dr. Joost Van de Weijer, Dr. Luis Herranz, Dr. Sergio Escalera and Dr. Meysam Madadi. Congratulations!

The Conference took place at Salt Lake City, Utah, from the 18th to the 22nd of June.

Papers can be found here:

Objects as context for detecting their semantic parts

On the Duality Between Retinex and Image Dehazing

Leveraging Unlabeled Data for Crowd Counting by Learning to Rank

Mix and match networks: encoder-decoder alignment for zero-pair image translation

Depth-Based 3D Hand Pose Estimation: From Current Achievements to Future Goals




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