Open Day 2024 at CVC

Once a year, the Computer Vision Centre organises an Open Day. On this day, everyone interested in computer vision and artificial intelligence is encouraged to visit our facilities to find out more about what we do and how we contribute to society. This year, the event took place on Wednesday, May 8, and there were two-time slots to choose from. A morning and an afternoon shift of 90 minutes each designed for the attendees to get acquainted with the work currently undertaken by CVC researchers.

Our call resounded upon students and gathered about 60 of them deeply interested in getting to know more about computer vision, the fields in which it is applied, and the main projects and lines of research directly by the hands of our researchers and technical staff. Attendees could also discover the training and career opportunities we offer at the centre, which are, among others: TFGs, internships, Master’s and PhD programmes.

The event opened with an overview of the centre. Laura Martín, of Marketing and Communications, introduced the mission and the objectives that the CVC pursues so that those unfamiliar with the centre can recognise us as a leading non-profit organization dedicated to research and development within the field of computer vision. Afterwards, attendees visited the facilities while CVC’s research and technical staff explained their research lines and projects illustrating their work with interactive experiences such as generative art from facial expressions, age prediction or sketch to image demonstrations. 

Dr Debora Gil and Dr Carles Sánchez, working in Interactive and Augmented Modelling, explained how AI contributes to medicine. They talked about virtual bronchoscopy and showed participants a software that allows the planning of biopsy interventions to reach pulmonary lesions.

Dr Javier Vazquez and Gemma Roselló Fontanals, working in Colour in Context and Neuro Computation and Biological Vision, showed CVC’s colour laboratory and explained some of the experiments and tests that can be performed in this lab.

And, Coen Antens head of the Innovation Unit, explained a demo that CVC students did at a hackathon for the last edition of MWC. This demonstration uses advanced computer vision and AI generative models to go from lip reading to image generation. 

Furthermore, several PhD students and interns contributed to the Open Day explaining their research projects and giving tips to the students, which are likely to become future researchers. They were: 

👉 Alex Gómez-Villa
👉 Guim Casadellà
👉 Adrià Molina
👉 Héctor Laria
👉 Pau Torras
👉 Artemis Llabres

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