Inauguration of the New ELLIS Unit Barcelona: A Key Initiative to Boost AI Research Excellence in Catalonia

ELLIS Unit Barcelona members

Barcelona, July 12, 2024. The ELLIS Unit Barcelona, essential for establishing Catalonia as a leading hub for AI research and innovation in Europe, was officially presented at an event held at the Institut d’Estudis Catalans in Barcelona. As part of the network of 43 local sites of the European Laboratory for Learning and Intelligent Systems … Read more

On Considering Semantics for Multi-image Processing

Danna Xue will defend her PhD thesis on July 11, 2024 3 pm. What is the thesis about? In multi-image processing, leveraging semantic information is essential for content-aware operations and ensuring consistency across images. However, this presents challenges in obtaining high-precision semantic data quickly, tailoring semantic information to different tasks, and maintaining consistency across processing … Read more

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Vision-Language Contrastive Models: Generalizing Semantic Segmentation and Studying Model Dynamics

Abstract: This presentation is divided into two interconnected parts, exploring the applications and inner workings of Vision-Language contrastive models, with a focus on CLIP-like architectures. In the first part, we examine the application of these models to semantic segmentation tasks. We begin with a brief overview of our previous work in semantic segmentation and multi-branched … Read more

Study and modeling of user behavior and attention in immersive environments.

Abstract: Virtual reality (VR) is a rapidly expanding medium that presents both challenges and opportunities. As VR techniques and applications continue to advance, it becomes increasingly important to create immersive experiences that can fully exploit its potential. Understanding and predicting human visual behavior and user attention is an essential factor in achieving this goal. This … Read more

Tècnic/a de Suport per al Servei de Tractament d’Imatges del Centre de Visió per Computador

Referència: 20240710_STI  El Centre de Visió per Computador precisa incorporar un/a tècnic/a de suport per integrar-se al seu Departament d’Informàtica per donar suport al Servei de Tractament d’Imatges (STI). Tasques a realitzar:  Requisits de les persones cadidates:  Valoració de les candidatures:  Les candidatures que compleixin amb els requisits anteriors es valoraran amb els següents criteris:  … Read more

Benchmarking and Optimizing Gradient-Based Adversarial Attacks for ML Security.

Abstract: Adversarial attacks exploit vulnerabilities in machine learning models by introducing subtle perturbations to input data, leading to incorrect predictions. Rigorous testing of machine learning models against these attacks is often impractical for modern deep learning systems. For these reasons, empirical methods, optimizing adversarial perturbations via gradient descent, are often used to provide robustness evaluations. … Read more

“Hey GPT, please diagnose this histology slide”

Abstract: Pathology is the medical specialty at the core of disease understanding, diagnosis and patient management, but suffers from subjective quantifications, shortage of pathologists and workload increases due to the rise of cancer incidence.Digital pathology (digitizing histology tissue sections into images) enables the use of AI in pathology image analysis, a field known as Computational … Read more

Computer vision for bamboo control in the Miño and Sil river basins 

The Confederación Hidrográfica del Miño-Sil (CHMinoSil) and the Computer Vision Center initiated a collaboration to develop and implement technology to monitor the persistent growth of bamboo in the Miño and Sil rivers in Galicia.  Bamboo: an invasive specie  Originally from Asia, bamboo has proliferated in various parts of the world due to its ornamental and practical … Read more

Research position in Vision and Language (R0)

Reference: 20241106_ELSA About CVC The Computer Vision Center (CVC) is a non-profit research center established in 1995 by the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB). Its mission is to carry out cutting-edge research that has the highest international impact in the field of computer vision. It also promotes the transference of … Read more

Inauguration of the 6th edition of the AI4ALL programme

The CVC will be hosting the inaugural event of the sixth edition of AI4ALL, a training programme specialising in artificial intelligence applied to industry and organised by the Parc de Recerca UAB (PRUAB), the CVC, the UAB School of Engineering and the CSIC’s Artificial Intelligence Research Institute. The welcoming speeches will be given by Lluís Juncà, … Read more